Deconstructing your choices

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the science of

deconstructing your choices

To keep it simple, let´s focus on one day in your life, any day, today for example.

Over and over again you are in a place to choose, how to react, what to say or not, what to do or perhaps not and how.

For the sake of this exercise let´s use a comparison to a selection of channels on TV, there are various categories of entertainment you can select to invest your time and focus in, which will probably be based on your mood in the moment, or desired mood and choice will be based on how you want the chosen channel or program to make you feel.

From fictional, to documentary, to educational and or inspirational, you have the power to select. Now the quality of what you will receive will be based on the provider of this content and you can fairly quickly choose to change the selection because it is not what you expected, need or anymore want. It does not fullfill your needs.

To change what is on and or to shut the information down you need this remote, your awareness, and it needs to have batteries, sometimes they need to be recharged or changed, you need to point at the other better channel and you need to press the button once you have made a selection.

Now when you do not have the full awareness or if you do not concentrate on it, you pay no attention or not enough attention, it might seem as if you have no choice.

You have been put in front of a screen and you are now forced to be the observer of what is happening in front of you. However the reality is that you are making choices, including a choice of not to do anything.

When you keep watching the selection that is based on what everyone else watches, or talks about, or just because you have not put an intentional effort to switch, perhaps you do not even realise that there is a way to press the button and change, you get trapped in there-is-no-way out-land.

The reality is different, every day, so many choices, yours, all yours, and you need to build the awareness of what they are and this will give you clarity of your life. Deconstruct the day, what are you concentrated on, are you focused on too many things, do you even have priorities, if so what they are. Question everything. And have fun! :)


rafa coelho