I need more Nature. More Calm. More Silence.


more calm. more silence.

i need more nature

São Paulo, Toronto, Madrid or New York and all the other cities I have spent my time in has been amazing experiences. Especially the ones I spent in Sao Paulo and Madrid. That moment in your life when you need to pause, have more time with yourself, and have a different frequency, and maybe hear your inner calling. Have more contact with Nature.

Where to Go? Malaga maybe? No, Almuñecar turned out to be the place. First of all, we did not found it, Almu found us. Of course there was some mystic attraction happening besides our own search for the right place. Secondly, it is very good-different here. Here we pay attention to plants, to the colors, to the ocean and moon cycles, we know how the planets move. Minor light contamination allows you to observe the cosmos even from your balcony. After 6 months here we are still amazed each day and we are more connected to ourselves than never before.

Of course the road to such life is not easy, the move was exhausting, to sell or give up what you have, and to start from zero, requires to let go of fear and surrender to what is happening. It takes a lot of effort and a strong focus to have while in the process. Little by little the things are going better, we are settling in. We want to share the benefits, the path. This new surrounding has greatly reflected on our artistic expression. This new routine is making us more powerful and helps us to discover that we can do more things and that we can be more concentrated on things that really matter.

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