Walk a lot

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secret to successful relationships

walk a lot

Having no specific agenda,  we walked through Ottawa back in the fall of 2017, exploring the city for the very first time. Museum of Natural history caught our eyes and we decided to spend the morning there and as we entered one particular exhibition stood out. Arctic!

The upper floor was set up for the visitors to discover Arctic through stunning multimedia, indigenous perspectives, authentic specimens and artefacts and so much more. It was a place to learn Arctic geography, ecosystems and sustainability, as well as the impacts of the climate change.

At the entrance of the exhibition there they were, sitting on a bench watching a documentary. We moved closer to watch it as well, as the movie ended this couple got up and was on the way out as they stopped facing us and said ¨go to Arctic while it is not too late¨!

The conversation lasted probably good 20 minutes, but this charming couple was another proof of the power of connection to mother nature and true relationship. They had spent months in Arctic during their university years and this time in isolation with one another and learning how to survive in wilderness was their greatest teachings of love and life.

When asked what is the secret to their marriage they smiled and said ¨walk a lot¨…and ¨accept your partners flaws¨. 

As they walked out joking that their kids will think they are lost in case they miss the bus home, we sat down amazed on serendipity of how us two in this moment in life had to meet these two because we had just discuss a trip to Arctic as one of our bucket list adventures.

Incredibly inspiring and significant this conversation, they all our, it is great to engage in the real world and we see this less and less in this Digital Era. Our commitment to invest time, talk and touch to one another and to mother nature in non-negotiable. 

rafa coelho