Walk a lot

Having no specific agenda, we walked through Ottawa. Exploring the city for the very first time. Museum of Natural history caught our eyes and we decided to spend the morning there.

The upper floor had an impressive exhibition about Arctic. Icebergs, LED installations, audio and video - the set up was mesmerizing. Arctic is changing, faster than any other place on earth, especially when we look at the climate.

Exhibition showed the realities of living in northern Canada. The changing landscape, the culture, and the various species. An elderly couple sat on a bench across one of the installations.

On the way out they stopped facing us and said ¨go to Arctic while it is not too late¨! Peter and Nelly. This charming couple was shining love for one another and nature. They had spent months in Arctic during their university years all by themselves. They learned survival game in the wilderness and a lot about one another.

When asked on what is the secret to their marriage they smiled. Nelly said ¨walk a lot¨ and Peter added ¨sometimes pretend you do not notice the other ones flaws¨.

They walked out joking like newly weds. We sat down amazed on this moment in life had to meet these two. Incredibly inspiring and significant considering how new we are in both in life and our relationship and realizing that this is the path we also want to follow. Our commitment to invest time, talk and touch to one another and to mother nature. Being mindful on the footprint we leave behind.

rafa coelho