Art is a tool in our daily lives

Art is a powerful tool we can use in our daily lives - to channel emotions, solve problems and cure apathy. Inventions are created, and new uses for existing safe products and gadgets are found. How can this be?

We use creative thinking repeatedly in our daily routines and don't realize we are in the creative thinking process. Is this just problem solving or is it creative thinking? Improving our art skills on regular basis will improve our creative thinking process. Using art is a natural way to teach creative thinking. With art thinking to problem solve we can begin to use creativity, and thinking outside the box.

If youth are not taught to use their hands to create, to sew, to cook from scratch, to invent-- they begin life without basic daily living tools. There needs to be an increase in awareness and acceptance regarding the inherent worth of all different types of work. Without this acceptance and awareness, how can an individual believe they are a success?

Today we see more and more people experiencing apathy. Apathy can be defined as: an absence of emotion or enthusiasm (bored?). If we are experiencing apathy as a society, then we begin to ask the reason why. In the past generations - everyone contributed to the effort of living. Everyone contributed in creating beauty around us. Everyone recycled, because her parents had gone through the depression. Parents and grandparents repaired almost everything themselves. If they could not repair something, a neighbor was brought in that could do the repair and a barter of labor was created. In this way, all family members experienced work with their own hands and understood its value.

Family art was created as a garment that was cut and sewn, a table made, a box built, or a garden grown. There is a feeling of accomplishment after one of these creative tasks is completed. A pattern may have been used to sew and create a garment, but with the use of the creative thinking process the pattern is usually embellished.

Through the creative thinking of art, we can help solve these problems by inventing, creating, and educating. People will learn to better use the creative thinking of art just to maintain their lives. Art uplifts a person from the very depths of depression to heights of a hope, a usable process, and a realization that all things are not negative.

Humans need art in their lives more now than at any other time period in history. If we as a society uphold art and make it the norm rather than the exception. More creativity means the possibility of hope for the future, hope of new inventions, alternative fuels, and past problems solved. Through the creative thinking of art, there will be more ideas on how to build sustainable community.

rafa coelho