Fight boredom - creative way

"I`m bored" is a phrase we hear more frequently than ever. People find themselves bored with the very things instantly that been looking forward to get. Employees are `not engaged` in their work, many have claimed that boredom caused them to rethink their career and look for alternative jobs. Even more young people who are in school or have recently graduated claim to be bored for most of the day.


Find the Meaning. When you know how your work matters to other people you are less likely to be disengaged or bored. As an individual, look for ways to understand how your work matters. As a leader, make sure people see a clear linkage between their work and the collective goals. When people see how what they do impacts others positively, boredom will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Get more curious. Active minds are less likely to be bored. When we are actively curious our minds will keep moving! Work on special projects of interest to you and that match with your natural skills.

Make it memorable. When tasks seem ordinary or routine, boredom can creep up very fast. Find ways to make your work more memorable by readjusting your routine or trying something new. Try your work in a new location or from a new perspective.

Action! Boredom often comes with feeling tired or lethargic. The best cure for the lows is to take action! Get started on a new goal, take a step on an existing goal or learn something new. As you take action on anything, boredom will recede. Set meaningful and challenging goals, boredom will subside too. This could be an exciting project, a learning opportunity, mentoring someone - action can reduce the boredom!

Others first. Boredom rarely sets in when you are focused on someone other than yourself. What can you do to make a difference in the lives of others. For example, serving as a volunteer or doing something for friend or family member. At work it could be as simple as offering to help on a project.

Adding more of these solutions into your work and daily routine can help elevate your attitude and improve your productivity.

Don´t be reactive, decrease chances of getting bored - focus on making your work meaningful, stay curious, put others as priority and take action!

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