Handmade promotes creativity and so much more


Self-made is better because it reflects our innate love for art

Creativity is often linked to art, and art is one of the key reasons why we see such captivating designs we can't help but fall in love with.

This creation process teaches us to be passionate for things that are beyond the usual. Why wear a mass produced earrings when you can make yourself, why buy low cost machine made print when you can frame your own sensations made into a mix of colours and texture in a form of abstract art.

Getting into creation process is very motivating, we feel the joy and exhilaration to keep improving the craft. Creators, artisans, craftsmen regardless of what they earn, persist on doing what they love because this way they are never stuck in boredom and helps them not to get into depression.

  • Learning to create makes us move more, learn more, and appreciate so much more of life.

  • In creating handmade items, we pour out our love for what we can do and we discover how we can evolve our skills within a certain craft. There's no better feeling than making a piece of art not by using a computer, but by using our own hands by trial and error.

  • We feel the need to reflect in our work what we see through our eyes and soul as most mesmerising things for us in the world.

  • Perhaps our installations, sculptures or paintings can become our medium to evolve observers critical thing, to bring more attention to greater causes. It makes others think and feel, and potentially can erupt emotions they have not experienced for a long time or ever.

Individually produced items are often more environmentally responsible

Do you feel less guilty to harming Mother Nature when acquiring locally made, small batch items? Would you say you feel more satisfaction by supporting community created items instead of mass-produced ones?

An experienced artisan will never use low cost supplies and focus on quality and longevity of the created items. Isn´t it impressive how in the past one could pass onto the next generation clothing, furniture, artwork, etc. - they were built to last. Today unfortunately we are hooked into lower prices to get more, get more often and therefore question the higher prices from individuals or local producers.

Purchasing from small producers means more than one can imagine. Whenever you go on a trip to a rural region or a tourist destination, make sure to buy one or two handmade souvenirs. It is an incredible way to promote a declining culture and increase young generation desire to make something themselves.

Perhaps you have gotten an inspiration to create, discover so many benefits that his brings - to engage your creative part of your brain. Play with different mediums, find your own way to delivered the message you want to share. Let us know your story or someone

rafa coelho