New Years resolution: Never Bored


Never too early or too late for commitment to implement small effective changes

We hear more frequently than ever before complaints - people are bored. Us? We do not have enough time for all the things we are curious to learn and looking forward to do. So we would love to invite everyone to re-evaluate your days and weeks, where the time goes and own it a bit more of it. There are so many hobbies, crafts and ways to be entertained and find joy. Choices are limitless - for all the budgets, wherever in the world you are and whatever your social status is.

Take a look at your past year (-s) and write out how many new things (food, places, activities, friends) have you had/done in this timeframe. How about being exactly opposite to what your inner voice is telling you. Next time you hear yourself saying ¨I am not ____¨ notice and try to change this sentence to ¨Yes, I am¨ or at least ¨Yes, I will try¨.

The lack of shame might get you further away from being bored! It is super entertaining to do things you would typically be embarrassed of. Believe it or not you can teach yourself to laugh about such situations, resist your ego. Being a newbie, being not good at something, asking the wrong questions are just few great ways out of the Boredomland.

We have taken ourselves on a journey across the globe. We are curious, we love to learn and explore, we love to share the amazing things we stumble upon and we have set ourselves on a mission to contage the surrounding with this attitude. Do not take your fear too serious, keep it cool and light!

How to evoke your curiosity - the cure to boredom? Search on the world wide web (or library!) information about books or articles, any information that talks about imagination, curiosity, creative ability, courage, will-power and persistence. Choose a small list of few things that sounds reasonable yet challenging for you today to start implementing in your daily routine. You can get easily overwhelmed in the internet of information, however being focused and having clarity about one thing will get you further than scattered attention on everything.

Your new year can start today it only takes your commitment to small a change each day!
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