Spaceshits - A creative way to help environment

Dita Grunte and Rafa Coelho have a clear vision: to combine their skills as artists with good environmental practices. It is said that charity starts at home and this is definitely the case with the couple, who have been living in Almuñécar since March of last year. Their workshop-cum-art gallery, Contagyou, is furnished and decorated using upcycled or recycled bits of rubbish that they have found on the beach or streets of Almuñécar. The gallery is also open to the public and runs permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as a number of workshops.

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rafa coelhoContagyou
Art is a tool in our daily lives

We use creative thinking repeatedly in our daily routines and don't realize we are in the creative thinking process. Is this just problem solving or is it creative thinking? Improving our art skills on regular basis will improve our creative thinking process.

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rafa coelho