The mission

CONTAGYOU is an expression, collaboration and ideas space. It's an opportunity to meet emerging artists and explore contemporary art exhibitions. Art and creativity has a transforming power on ones soul. We strive to impact the local community and art scene. You - come join!

The story

This started a little more than a year ago, when we, Dita and Rafa first met in Toronto. Since then, we have travelled a lot, meeting, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, visiting museums, art spaces and local cultural sites.

Then we took the risk to change our lives, to sell everything and move to the coast in South Spain. Here we are building our dream project. Our desire is to encourage others to tap into their creative souls, and inspire others for action. Do something meaningful and share the message that with love everything is possible. Good things are contagious! Welcome to CONTAGYOU

The space

We found our place in a very special location. Between Chirimoya fields, old town market and the Aquarium. After a while working on the renovation, the process was complete through reusing, recycling, up-cycling of materials found.

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