Welcome to
[kon teidzh ju]

All about real projects - we dedicate time and energy to make wonderful initiatives happen and we also collaborate with various institutions to make stronger impact around the world


The story

This started in 2017, when we, Dita and Rafa first met in Toronto. Since then, we have travelled around the world meeting artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, visiting museums, art spaces and collaborated in social initiatives. Then we took the risk to change our lives, to sell everything and move to the coast in South Spain, to make something meaningful and share it with others. Good things are contagious!

The space

We found our place in a very special location between Chirimoya fields, old town market and the Aquarium. After a while working on the renovation, the process was complete through reusing, recycling and up-cycling of materials we found. We are happy to use and share this space to make great things happen.

Why we do what we do?

To use art as a medium:
to cultivate self awareness to construct better relationships with oneself and others.

Focus on human connection:
through meaningful experiences, especially important in the world of algorithms and hashtags.

Simplicity is the key:
our goal is to do more with less and it gives great feeling to use creativity and its power to transform the world. 

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